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Seminar World Water Week Stockholm 2009

During the World Water Week 2009, a 3R seminar was held: "Water Recharge, Retention & Reuse: 3R Solutions for Water & Food Security. The Untapped Potential for Upscaling Water Storage Solutions."

In follow-up of this 'groundbreaking' seminar we offer you the outcomes of the 3R session (pdf, 0.49MB) and invite you to the session's presentations and a video underneath.


Dr Richard Carter, Head of Technical Support Unit, WaterAid - Water recharge, retention and re-use: 3R solutions for water and food security in water scarce areas. (pdf, 3.2MB)

Introducing Water 3R; presenting the concept, technigues and approach on film. Watch the video here.

Ministerial feedback on 3R
H. E. Ato Shiferaw, State Minister for Basin Development, Ethiopia - Growth Corridor Approach. (pdf, 2.7MB)

Best Practices in the Field
Mr Maimbo Mabanga Malesu, ICRAF/SEARNET - Regional approach to upscaling rainwater harvesting best practices in Eastern and Southern Africa. (pdf, 2.6MB)

Mr Prime Ngabonziza, Director of Soil and Water Conservation, RADA, Rwanda - Field experiences, successes and opportunities for upscaling green-water management in Rwanda. (pdf, 1.6MB)

Mr Jon Naugle, Technical Director Enterprise Works/VITA - Enterprise-based approach to domestic rainwater harvesting. (pdf, 3.2MB)