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Rainwater Harvesting

UNEP. Rainwater harvesting and disaster management. Quick cases from Japan on rainwater harvesting response to natural disasters and from South-Korea on innovative solutions to prevent urban flooding in Korea.

UNEP. Rainwater harvesting: a lifeline for human well-being. Rainwater harvesting as a way to support ecosystem services and human well-being; The water component of ecosystem services and in human well-being development targets; Rainwater harvesting for management of watershed ecosystems; Rainwater harvesting in the management of agro-eco systems; Forests working as rainwater harvesting systems; Rainwater harvesting for water security in rural and urban areas; Rainwater harvesting providing adaptation opportunities to climate change.

UN-HABITAT. Rainwater harvesting and utilisation. Introduction; Concept and technology of rainwater harvesting; Rainwater harvesting system; Techniques of artificial aquifer recharge; Rainwater harvesting around the world – case studies & success stories.

UNEP. Sourcebook of Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augmentation in Africa, Asia or Small Islands